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DVD Template and Opening

55 degrees was perfect to get some more work done.   First, the way I had the rear vinyl stapled to hold it down looked terrible so I used some hardwood to fix it up,

Then I whipped up a template to use in routing out an opening for the DVD-ROM.  I used my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.. worked great.  .  Worked nicely IMHO.

Front Panels Installed

I needed to beef up the MDF Shelves so that I could glue and screw the front panels to it.  I did this by gluing and screwing oak boards onto the shelves.

You will note above I used a few angled pieces on the Keyboard Drawer to form a ‘drawer pull.’

Ad the end of the day, this is where I am:

The completed front Panels

To do next:

1) Stiffen up the roll-out box.  It is wobbly right now.
2) After cutting the hole for the coin door I will be laminating the drawer faces.  I will probably put t-molding on the edges of both, we will see.
3) create a monitor mounting system
4) create a system for mounting the tinted safety glass

I am saving building the Control Panel for last.  I want to give it a LOT of thought.

T-Molding Complete!

I did a few things today… first I installed the T-molding.  Here’s the slot bit mounted in the router ready to go..

The slot is cut:

The T-molding is ready to go:

Installing it:

Shaving off the extra t-molding Material:

Laminate Sides Applied

It was a tad cold for it, but I took a chance and applied the laminate sides to the cabinet today.  Everything went great, and I also managed to create the speaker ‘panel.’  It will have a cloth covered grille over it so I wasn’t super fussy about the holes..

I know most people route the T-molding slot earlier in the process, but I tend to bang into the edges and mess up the slot so I do it later in the process.


Between the holidays and the colder-than-normal winter, I haven’t been able to do any work.   To make matters worse, “Punxsutawney Pete” claims it’ll go another six weeks, so I expect to resume work in March/April at this point.

Progress for November 2, 2008

I got a few things done this weekend:

  • Reconfigured the bottom and wheels for greater stability
  • Filled most of the holes with putty, sealed a few gaps
  • Mounted the subwoofer
  • Covered the back panel with Parts Express Black Speaker Vinyl
  • Installed the three sliding shelves

It’s the little things

While I know that due to it’s design this machine won’t look like an ‘old-time’ game, I do want it to feel like a commercial machine when complete.  This means that I will be spending a lot of time doing re-work to eliminate errors and sweating the smaller details.

An example of this mindset is my choice of screws.  In past machines I had used black drywall screws to hold the misc parts including the marquee retainers.  These screws are the wrong type to use but Home Depot didn’t carry any other black wood screws (and I didn’t want to paint steel screws for fear of scratching and rust.)  At the end of the day the drywall screws really cheapened the look quite a bit.

For this machine I have purchased black anodized square-drive commercial screws.  These were surprisingly hard to come by, but I was finally able to find them at McFeely’s:


Most of the features and design elements on this cabinet have been done before.  This cabinet was inspired by Knievel’s original “Woody” and “Evolution” cabinets.

Some of the Sketchup components I used (Coin Door, Pushbuttons) were created by BYOAC’s Xylosesame.  Those models can be found here.

I borrowed the ‘roll out bottom’ idea from the Solocade website.

Thanks to the above for the great ideas!

Progress for October 18, 2008

Nice progress today.  I gave up on the idea of using biscuit joints – the cabinet was just too big and there were too many pieces to coordinate.  I went back to tried-and-true glued-and-screwed ledgers.   It’s really kind of nice seeing the 3D plans come to life exactly as designed on the PC.  I am still very happy I took the time to learn Sketchup.

Computer Parts

I bought the PC Parts last year. Here’s what I’ll be using:

  • FOXCONN 6150K8MA-8EKRS Socket 939 Motherboard
  • AMD A64 X2 3800+ 2.0G Dual-Core CPU
  • 1GB Corsair RAM VS1GB400C3
  • Saitek Eclipse Backlit Keyboard
  • Acer 5MS AL2017 20-” 4:3 LCD Monitor