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Control Panel Overlay Applied

I applied the Control Panel Overlay and boy did it turn out nice. I am extremely satisfied with the product and service I received from Gameon Grafix. I have been using them for years and am always thrilled.

Control Panel Art

Styles change over time.  I was originally toying with a space theme (attached first below).

Eventually I decided I wanted a design that screamed “RETRO” a little more.  I also felt my space theme lacked any particular style.  I really wanted to use this project to develop my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills a bit so I did a reset.  Using my Facebook friends and family as critics, I solicited feedback on the various mock-ups. Here is the progression…

Progress Check

The cabinet is 90% finished.  As soon as I get my new high-lip trackball I can wire up the control panel and move my focus to the software configuration, artwork, and LED-lit bling.


Control Panel work.

Finally I spent some time fashioning the control panel and lexan overlay.


More parts – Volcano Switches, Spinner Knob

I am still working out the details of my control panel layout, but I know that I am going to use these – genuine Atari ‘volcano’ start buttons.  I ordered them from RAM Controls.  The switch is NOS (“New Old Stock” – 25 years old but never used) and the cones are high-quality reproductions.  I think these will complement the stainless token top spinner knob very nicely.

I got a kick out of the old hand-typed label too.

Here’s the Token Top spinner knob.  Of course it has one of my own nickel BYOAC tokens in it.  These are made by RandyT over at

Monitor Glass Support

I uesd my tablesaw to dado out an angled groove in a block of wood to support the tinted safety glass in front of the monitor.  I then used glue and pocket hole screws to fasten the block to the inside of the control panel.  This block will not be visible as the control panel will be angled and close over it flush against the glass.

Building the Control Panel Box

Made some more progress yesterday.  I decided to stay with a square CP box but will make a curved front edge on the panel itself.   I did wind up using laminate on the CP sides.  If you look really close it’s not perfect, but it looks very nice.